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Linus Bike

Rachael Brown

Staff Editor

This year I've decided to join the growing ranks of urban cyclists, and am putting a Linus bicycle at the top of my holiday wish list. Based in California, the founders of Linus were inspired by the simplicity of French bicycles from the 1950s and '60s, and their models are ideal for someone like me, a novice rider who's a little intimidated by D.C.'s hardcore bike culture, but eager for an inexpensive and stylish way to get around town. I've got my eye on a cream colored Roadster Classic - utilitarian and comfortable, but still a bit chic. The roadster offers thoughtful details, such as leather handlebars and attachments for baskets and saddlebags - perfect for carrying anything from a baguette and a bottle of wine to my stack of Atlantic manuscripts for proofreading. And the best part? Starting at less than $400, the Linus bikes are a recession-friendly way to cut back both on carbon emissions and commute time. Ooh la la! $389.00
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Leather handlebars? Good luck with keeping your grip when it starts to rain.

And, speaking of rain, an urban bike that doesn't even have a fender to keep the dirty water spraying off the front tire from ruining your clothes? Fat chance!

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